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Commission Structure

You will receive a 25% commission based on the customer’s first purchase and this also applies to renewals.

What Promotion Methods Are Allowed?

You may use Facebook Group (with permission from the group admin), create a blog or video review on YouTube, email marketing (of course, your email already has permission from the email owner), banners, etc.

What promotional methods are NOT allowed?

Spamming. You are strictly prohibited from conducting spam activities such as sending SMS, email without permission from the recipient.

Offering Cashback. We will delete your commission and remove you from the affiliate program.

Google Adwords. Not allowed

1. Promotions that can give potential customers wrong perception, such as:

2. Making Facebook pages related to the products we vendor

3. Making a fake Facebook profile.

4. Email and email signature in the products's name

Self-referrals are STRICTLY forbidden. This includes referring your business.

How Do You Get Commissions?

You will get a commission as long as the customer you recommend is ALWAYS active. In other words, if your customer stops, you will not get any more commission. You will not get commissions.

Who can be an affiliate?

Anyone with an audience who can benefit from our products.

There Are Links And Coupons. What Is The Difference?

Links and coupons are media for marking users of your affiliate results.

If a new user registers using your affiliate link, then that user will be marked as the result of your affiliate and the commission will be yours.

If a new user registers using your affiliate link and your coupon, then that user will be marked as the result of your affiliate and the commission will be yours.

If a new user registers using your affiliate link and OTHER AFFILIATE coupons, then that user will be marked as your affiliate, BUT the commission becomes someone else’s affiliate.

If a new user registers without using your affiliate link but uses your coupon, then that user will be marked as the result of your affiliate and the commission will be yours.

What About Cookies?

Those who get the commission is the last affiliate link that was clicked or the coupon used. It can refer to the above question.

If the user registers without a coupon, the system will determine the affiliate who gets a commission through cookies.

Affiliate links rely on cookies to track sales so the customers cannot have cleared their cookies.

Cookies are valid for 30 days. If the person you recommend doesn’t immediately buy but returns to the product page and buys within 30 days, then you are entitled to an affiliate commission from the sale.

You will continue to get a commission as long as your account affiliate account is active

In the event a single customer clicks two different affiliate links, the first affiliate gets the credit.

Commission Payment And Reporting

Commission payments will be made every month on the 15th for an affiliate balance of $50 or more. All commission is paid in US dollars and/or PayPal transactions 30 days after the refund period has elapsed. You are responsible for paying all applicable fees related to accepting payments. Including but not limited to currency conversion fees, transaction fees, withdrawal fees, deposit fees, and check cashing fees. The commission will be paid on the 15th of each month unless the 15th falls on a weekend or a bank recognized holiday, in which case commissions will be paid on the next business day.

To ensure proper payments, you are responsible to provide accurate contact and payment information through the affiliate system.

If during the payment period you change the contact and payment information, then the payment will be delayed until the next period until the data is available.

Digitalthink will not be obligated to pay if the total amount to be paid to you is less than $50. The payment will be paid after you reach the payment threshold in the next period of payment.

By conducting affiliate promotions, you have agreed to our affiliate policy. If a violation occurs, Digitalthink has the right to end the affiliate agreement.

The split payment method is a full payment and you cannot use any coupons for discounts.